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Powdercoating Services Beenleigh – Company History


Now under new ownership, Powder Coating Services Beenleigh Pty Ltd is set up at  2 Lochlarney Street, Beenleigh, Queensland 4207.

Our customer focused business philosophy, high quality workmanship at an affordable price and an ability to satisfy customer needs and deadlines, has seen this business grow at an incredible rate.

In March 2015 the powdercoating business was purchased by the premises owner to ensure the longevity of the business. The financial backing has helped to take the business into the future as a quality driven provider of surface finishing. Since that time Powdercoating Services Beenleigh has generated a massive influx of new customers and our factory improvements have been noticed by old and existing customers who, have been very keen to express their delight in their restored confidence with our abilities. Additionally also our capabilities, which in turn, has generated much needed word of mouth testimonial, that are nothing short of anything but fantastic.

Commitment to Quality

In all our operations, our quality control program helps to assure that jobs are made to specification. At Powdercoating Services Beenleigh we treat your goods as if they were our own. Additionally not only is it non-profitable to have to re-do costly errors, but we rely on satisfied customers to return with future work. We aim to have our customers tell people they know only great things about their experience at Powdercoating Services Beenleigh. Our staff are trained and committed to high quality control.

Our state of the art facilities promote flawless powdercoating. Well maintained and up to date equipment is paramount in this industry. Powdercoating is best achieved in a clean environment. We have 2 brand new air dryers, each booth have been fitted with new cyclones that help in clearing the dust and our fully functioning reverse osmosis system is state of the art technology in keeping our dipping baths as clean of contaminants, continuously ensuring our preparation methods are the best they can be, in achieving the quality finishes desired, first go, every time.


Our factory is conveniently located in Beenleigh, however, we also have 2 x trucks available to provide a pick up and delivery service if required. We have a large sandblasting unit on site capable of working with all steel, 5 pre-treatment dipping tank especially for anodizing aluminium, 2 x powder spray booths and curing ovens (10m coming soon!) and a very large space to store goods waiting to be completed and a dispatch area for completed goods awaiting collection.

We have recently renovated our storage space and now sport a brand new brick wall with a new and approved racking system. At Powdercoating Services Beenleigh we are convinced organisation is key to running a successful business.

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