Factory Upgrade News and Progress

Factory Upgrade News and Progress

The year 2017 has been the year for extensive upgrade and major maintenance overhauls over every division of Powdercoating Services  Beenleigh. All aspects of our company have undergone serious changes stemming from our street appearance right through to building brand new facilities to better our customers product and to be capable of more than ever.

The installation of a powder coating cure oven that is capable of powder coating up to 10 meters has been completed! With our additional currently functioning 7 meter oven we have the longest combined oven meter capability in South East Queensland.

The beauty of having 2 x operational powdercoating booths able to be used at the same time is the ability to simultaneously run two colours at the same time with eliminating contamination and keeping turn around times at the quickest they can be!

Done properly the powdercoating process can achieve amazing and long lasting results. Our new facilities are already proving this and we are very excited to be able to knock out work quicker than ever before while still adhering to all standard preparation methods.

At PCS we implement all necessary procedures required to always present the best quality finishes. We believe that attention to all metal preparation is key to ensuring our customers a finished product they expect to come back to, and in turn, the product they are in turn guarantee their own customers.

Product appearance, longevity and and sustainability begins with us at PCS. Our reputation at this stage of our growth is paramount and we intend to display and retain nothing short of excellence in our results.

The powdercoating industry has seen massive increases in demand over the last decade and beatification of metal products has and will continue on this upward trend indefinitely. With such demand we are inspired and committed to presenting work that we will be touched, viewed (even without being realized) and admired by many all for many, many years to come.



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