Powdercoating Price List

What does Powdercoating Cost?

The cost of powdercoating depends on many factors, for a start , type of metal presented, what its’ going to be used for, where the product is going to spend most of its like, what kind of pre-treatment metal needs, what colour the product needs to be of course its age and  condition all play a part in the cost of powdercoated products.

What kinds of metals are there?

  1. Aluminium: a) Mill Finish and b) Anodized. Mill finish is raw Aluminium that requires chromate and acid bathing to treat the metal and prepare it for longevity underneath the powdercoat colour. Anodised pretreated Aluminium which will take on a yellow tone. Aluminium is one of the cheapest metals to coat due to the time and labour it takes in its preparation stage. Only one bake is required.
  2. Zincanneal : A metal not requiring sandblasting but one that needs a powder primer to eliminate rust in the future before it has its colour. two bakes are required.
  3. Stainless Steel : Its name speaks for itself, Only a top coat and one bake is needed here.
  4. Galvanised Steel: Depending on location a sandblasting and primer is not necessary.
  5. Blue and Black Steel : Depending on location (indoors or outdoors) the powdercoating cost will differ. If indoor a whipblast and i bake of top coat is sufficient. If going outdoors the metal will need to be sandblasted back to raw steel, powder primed and then top coated, 3 stages of preparation for these metals.
  6. Cast Iron: A delicate material that sandblasting can, when not paid due care, can break or damage the material. The metal needs more baking time to heat metal to the desired temperature needed for the powder to “cure” on the metal.
  7. Hot Dip Gal: Galvanised steel pretreated in a hot dip to apply its longevity and erosion eliminating primer. This metal however is extremely diificult to get a nice powdercoated finish as during th baking process hidden gases deposited during the hot dip process are released causing a bubbling effect to appear on the product underneath the powdercoat  colour. To minimise this finish it is necessary to heat up the metal in the oven to around 200 degrees for ten to 20 mins to release the gases from the metal prior to powdercoating. It is common for this bake to not release all of the gases. This will not be known until the product goes through the colour application process and is baked again. If the gases have created a defective finish the product must be sanded back to start again. This metal can have a long powdercoating process and usually gets to be the most expensive to get a smooth finish. And in some cases not always possible

So what does powdercoating cost?



Below are some Before and After Images and a figure to give you an idea of cost. A description of metal type and treatment the product went through will explain a little further.

This Tappet Cover was sandblasted, primes and coated in Saftey Yellow – cost $150.00

4 x 22″ rims – $562.75

Go Kart Frame :$260.00

Front Bar :$180.00




Please be aware that PCS has minimum charge policies. The minium charge is $101.75. However, depending on the size of your job, and whether it is going through with a very big one on the same colour run, the job could be eligible for a reduction to the smaller minimum charge of $61.60. Changing colour in powdercoating is a stop work procedure. A full clean down is necessary to avoid contamination of colours. Even slight remnants of a previous colour in the air can effect the next colour creating a “mix” in the finished look of the next colour. Not desirable as this product then needs a recoat to cover the colour contamination. Repeating jobs cause time and time is money in the powdercoating business. If your colour requires a clean down you will expect to pay the higher minimum charge.

Any already painted or powdercoated items looking for a makeover will incur a 10% surcharge to cover the sanding and cleaning preparation to ensure a smooth and defective free recoat.

Does my choice of colour affect powdercoating cost?

Unfortunately this is unavoidable and the powdercoating cost can be affected by each available colour. Non-surchargeble colours are what we call standard and must be part of the Colorbond range. Colours outside this range are more expensive to buy and increases the sale price by the percentage category the powder falls under. Surcharges range from 10% – 35%. Bright colours such as yellow or red for instance will add another 15% to the quoted price, and a silver will usually have about a 20% surcharge.

The environment in which the product will be is also considered when it come to powdercoating colours. Some area require a high quality grade powder able to withstand harsh and/or extreme conditions. For example some are anti graffit, some are UV resistant and some are salt water resistant etc etc. These are the powders that will have you venturing into the 30-35% surchargable versions.





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